Wednesday 19 February 2014

Tips To Tease Your Hair

Tips To Tease Your Hair
Every girl want that her hair looks so beautiful and looks perfect. This article is for those who doesn’t know how to tease their hair. This is an excellent tutorial on how to tease your hair correctly and perfectly. Hair teasing is he latest and cool hair style. Every stylish and model doing hair teasing because its simple to do and looks perfect. We can do hair teasing on an kinds of hair just like short hair, long hair and other hair. Hair tease’s puffsare looks great hair teasing is the latest hair style for girls.

1. Start with the right products
Hawkins recommends using a Boar bristle teasing brush when teasing your hair. He says the same way boars’ bristles smooth your hair, they help create that friction when brushed down.

2. In the shower
Hawkins says that if you know you are going to try to do a teased style, don’t put conditioner or any other silicone based products into your hair. “Anything that creates a slick look will prevent hair from locking in the texture,” he explained.

3. The prep work
When hair is damp, Hawkins says to spray a salt spray onto your roots to add texture. Salt spray can be applied to dry hair, but because it is a water based product it will need to be blow dried in.
After you apply the salt spray for texture apply your choice of a styling cream or mousse for volume. “Salt spray doesn’t create hold, just texture,” Hawkins said.
If you plan on straightening your hair, Hawkins says not to straighten your roots. “Be careful about over stretching and over smoothing your roots,” he explains, “otherwise the backcomb won’t hold.”

4. The manual work
Once your hair is completely dry, Hawkins says to take a section of your hair about half an inch wide. Hold your hair tightly and straight back, away from your head. Hawkins says this is an important step since the action of teasing occurs when the hair is being held tightly and the pressure of the brush pushes the shorter hairs down to the scalp.

5. Repeat
Tease each section of hair about 3 times before backcombing you hair. Hawkins says to use your teasing brush to smooth out the backcomb and use the pointed part of the brush to shape your hair without removing the tease.

6. Make it last
Hawkins says the most important thing to note about hairspray is to get an aerosol can and to get a hairspray that does not contain water. When hairsprays contain water and are sprayed too closely to the scalp they are just spraying humidity back into you hair and creating frizz. Hawkins recommends using Aveda Air Control Hairspray. Hold the hairspray the length of the can away from your hair and spray in the direction you want your hair to lie.
7. Final touches
Hawkins says for added shine and glean, finish off your look with a shine spray.

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