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Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is a herb and is widely used as a spice in cooking in Asia and southeastern Europe. It gives a distinct flavor to the food. It is an annual plant with lush leaves. It is grown mostly India, central and South America, and Africa. The seeds are brown in colour and are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and minerals.

 It is the 4-hydroxyisoleucine component of the seeds that stimulate the secretion of insulin which lowers blood sugar. It also slows down the digestive process which reduces sugar absorption. It reduces insulin resistance of cells. Recommended dose for diabetes is 500 mg of fenugreek two times a day.
 Research show that regular consumption of Fenugreek lowers cholesterol level. Reduces the level of LDL cholesterol significantly if used for a period of six months. It reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering cholesterol level. The powdered seeds can be taken as capsule or sprinkled over the food.
It reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering cholesterol level. The seed contains galactomannon which is a natural soluble fibber and it lowers cardiovascular disease. Recommended dose is two ounces of the seed throughout the day.
Fenugreek seeds helps with arthritis pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Seeds can be eaten mixed with food or taken as a capsule. It can be applied as a paste over the joints to relieve pain.
 It can reduce fever. It is really effective when taken with lemon and honey. To treat a fever, take one to two teaspoons of the seeds three times a day mixed with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. It can be taken as tea, which can be found in some health food stores.
For hair growth, the powdered seeds can be taken with food or applied to the scalp. One capsule three times a day or one teaspoon three times daily. Soak the powdered seeds in water and mix it coconut oil, then apply to the scalp. Keep it for one hour or two, then wash it off. It promotes new hair growth and gives the hair a shiny, healthy look.
This herb contains phyto-estrogen, which boosts milk production in lactating mothers. Several researchers have concluded that fenugreek can increase milk production by over 500% within 72 hours! A recommended remedy to increase milk production is to consume one capsule of fenugreek seeds three times a day. You should stop taking the herb once you’ve achieved the desired level of milk production. Fenugreek tea is well known to stimulate uterine contraction, which helps to speed up and ease childbirth. However, pregnant women should use this remedy for only after consulting with their doctor.
Fenugreek aids in the prevention and treatment of painful kidney stones. It reduces calcification in the kidney and flushes it out through urine.

Fenugreek seeds are an amazing liver detoxifier. They purify the blood and prevent clotting of blood. It also benefits people suffering from hypertension.
Fenugreek supports glucose and carbohydrate metabolism to aid weight loss. Soak fenugreek seeds in water and consume it every morning in an empty stomach to burn excess fat in the body. The seeds are rich in fibre which swells in the body thereby, making a person feel full. Take this remedy 30 minutes before every meal to avoid overeating.
Mix fenugreek paste with milk and apply it on the skin. This paste will improve the complexion and will minimize the appearance of fine lines. You can also use this paste on the under eye area to eliminate dark circles. Apply it on the under eye area and wash it off after 15 minutes.
Fenugreek is a natural treatment for hair fall issues. It curbs scalp diseases related to hair follicles to make the hair strands strong from the roots. Mix coconut oil with methi paste and apply it on the scalp and hair. Leave it for one hour and wash it off properly so that the paste does not get stuck in the hair. This will control your hair fall to a great extent.
Rinse your hair with fenugreek soaked water to get smooth and manageable hair. Its natural moisturising and conditioning properties nourishes the hair follicles to repair damaged hair.
This spice contains an emulsifying compound called lecithin which conditions our hair and makes it shiny and lustrous. The seeds, when crushed create mucilage, a greasy substance that makes the hair soft and silky. This quality makes fenugreek a valuable addition to natural leave-in and rinse out conditioner. Using fenugreek alone or in conjunction with any hair product can do the trick.

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